Today Is Not About The West, Today Is Primarily About Eurasia

Don’t you love the idea of neighbouring nations peacefully getting along together in harmonious endeavour for mutual benefit, by friendly agreement, and without threat or coercion? It may not be exactly so, but what is going on in Eurasia today is pretty damn close to that ideal. And isn’t that the way things are meant to be? Isn’t that how we should be conducting our lives and communal developments across the whole world?

In case you are not fully aware of what is going on today, and in many areas of the world – mostly the western nations, these things are not reported or discussed. The primary reason for that is that such matters do not fit in well with western ideology and schemes for the particular line of development the west has in mind for the world. The west wants to impose (and that single word gives the lie to their failing endeavours) on the world a truly nasty system of ‘Rules Based Order’ which would only be of benefit to a small minority of already indecently rich megalomaniacs who control that segment of humanity and is not in keeping with the freedoms guaranteed by International Law. The world does not need their ‘rules’ and will have no part in their schemes. Nor will they allow such disastrous and unjust impositions to impede their progress.

Pepe Escobar provides a useful revealing of the latest cooperative developments, and the ‘war’ of which he speaks, is the conflict of ideologies I just mentioned…

‘In Eurasia, the War of Economic Corridors is in full swing’ – Pepe Escobar on The Cradle

There are no western nations involved in this ongoing Eurasian cooperation but they are trying to interfere in its progress. Eurasia must be careful to avoid such complications.

Let the west stew in their own juices if they cannot see the benefits of the new and emerging order of things.

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