Still Living – Still Hoping

I have been commenting of late about changes taking place in world affairs, and anyone who operates with any kind of discernment antenna should also be able now to detect etheric flows, disturbances in the force, or movements on the waters, however you wish to describe it, which indicate something is happening. That now materialising ‘thing’ is slowly forming an image of the collapse of western capitalism with consequent disruption to western life in particular but also perhaps requiring adjustments to all human life.

But more than an image of collapse of the west, what is now forming out of the new primordial soup is the image of a New New World Order (someone said that recently) or some other as yet undefined name. A new order based primarily on the Greater Eurasian Continent – minus its western peninsula but perhaps including the adjoined Africa in its fold and even somehow the living, that is the non-decaying parts of Central and South America. I don’t know how that last part would be achieved, given the potentially insurmountable difficulties of navigating oceanic distances in the future lower technology world, using ex-seagoing-vessels that were never designed to be propelled by sail-harnessed wind.

What this will all mean for the current west cannot yet be foreseen. It is though quite obvious that the current uni-pole flagship of that clique, [I was going to say] robbed, [but] disrobed [is pictorially a better fit] of its essential unexceptional exceptionalism, will quickly sink into the muddied chaotic remains of its patchy globalist empire. Perhaps breaking up into smaller, less-damaging, but still warring (among its own parts) chunks in the process. It is a picture of chaos which Kunstler has captured so well this week by including in his mixing bowl a greater number of chaotic ingredients than are potentially on the list of such. More grist to his mill – the old english word ‘grist’ perhaps losing something of its multiple non-generic meanings on translation to different languages.

Some portions of that globalist empire may be carved off, or carve themselves off, the fading empire to join the newly emerging world – having perhaps seen something of where they are headed if they don’t. Such carvings leave wounds. But while there is life, wounds can heal. It depends on how far gone or how deeply embedded they may have become. It should be easier to do this for segments of empire land-attached to Eurasia i.e. on the European peninsula.

China rather wistfully begins to dream that such distanced parts as Canada and Australia may already be casting thoughts in that direction. I don’t see it myself (Canada is joined at the hip), and the Kunstler reported ‘invasion’ option for Australia – which I have myself touted in the past – seems a more likely starter.

‘Difficulties can be overcome by Canada, Australia to ease China ties: Global Times editorial’

But all that is ahead of us at this point. And there are no guarantees of our successfully negotiating those troubled waters, flowing ethers or disturbed forces, to land safely, anywhere and in any condition to make a successful new beginning. But at least there is movement. And while there is life, there is hope.

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