“You Want To Bring Russia To Its Knees? Bring It On,” Says FM Sergei Lavrov

Of course there isn’t even a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. The west, the combined west, in its entirety has no intention of being humiliated by undertaking such a foolhardy scheme. And they know it.

In any case, Sergei is right. There is no war in Ukraine. If there were, it would have ended weeks ago, leaving the nation (Ukraine, that is) wrecked and ruined and devoid of any form of standing military or other forms of resistance. At least that part of that land which is of no interest to Russia. They would have preserved, as they are doing, those areas – the only productive areas – where Russian speaking people live. The east and south of what was Ukraine territory until a few months ago but what was always Russian territory.

Which brings me to the other point Mr Lavrov made. There has been no Russian Invasion of Ukraine. It is not difficult for any rational person to see that what began as a special operation to secure the lands of the recognised Donbass republics, needed, due to the recalcitrance of the invading Ukrainian forces (yes, they are the real invaders) to remove themselves from the claimed lands of those republics. Russia is simply aiding the local militias to recover their own land. That is not an invasion.

Let it be said, and I have said this many times, the small detachment of volunteer forces sent by Russia to complete those tasks was nowhere near the size of an invading force necessary to conquer a militarised nation. For such a task, the invading force has to be several times the size of the defending force in order to achieve success – and, even so, to expect heavy losses. The Ukrainian army is at least 200,000 strong and possibly double that number. I understand the Americans, sorry, the US – we should not sully the name of the people or the land with the discredited moniker of the crime gang which rules it – has claimed to have trained 600,000 Ukrainian troops. For the Russians to have sent a minimal force of at most 100,000 troops against such odds would have been utterly stupid. And the Russian military is not stupid. They know exactly how many soldiers they would need to accomplish the liberation of the Donbass, and they are accomplishing that task on time and within budget and with minimal losses – as time will tell. By any measure of estimation, Ukraine manpower losses are of the order of at least 500% greater than Russian losses. And likely much greater than that. As for equipment losses, those figures must be astronomical. Russia has settled down to using tactics which are economical in the preservation of life and infrastructure where possible. The urban destruction which western MSM is so fond of displaying to a foggy-minded public is mostly the deliberate or incompetent work of Ukraine forces. And most of the dead armoured vehicles and dead bodies are actually their own. They are a neglected and beaten force, which cannot hope to remain viable for more that a few more days (perhaps weeks in fortified pockets – with civilians as human shields). There is no more nobility – perhaps there never was – in what remains of that rag-tag army – and certainly not a trace of such in its foreign volunteers (who on the whole have little remaining life expectancy).

As it turns out, those initial valid (and legal) reasons for the actions of Russian forces within the established borders of the Donbass republics were insufficiently embracing of actions necessitated by conditions uncovered by the Russian forces during the cleansing of places like Mariupol. Long suspected, but not proven, were the illegal activities of US worms in the bio-medical, bio-hazard and bio-warfare fields. Such discoveries of the evil intent of the US authorities unearthed with documentary evidence from liberated bio-laboratories in Ukraine, coupled with the much earlier stated intent of the Russian authorities to scrub Ukraine clean nazism and to de-militarize the nation, leaving it incapable of ever being a thorn in anybody’s side ever again, prompted a much broader subsequent phase to their original operation. And this action is underpinned by the need not only to secure Donbass but in fact to provide the best chance possible for the future security of the whole world. The totally depraved madness of US authorities and their NATO partners in crime, must, as a sacred duty, be stamped out. Or at least be eliminated from the European continent – which is after all just a peninsula of the greater Eurasian continent. No cancer can be allowed to remain attached to an otherwise healthy body. So, the US would itself become isolated within its own borders. No longer being tolerated as the world’s bully. A role it has for so long enjoyed. Being only a weakened and relatively small part of the greater continent of the Americas – both numerically and by size of land – what that continent subsequently does about that cancer adjacent to their own national lands, is entirely up to them. But I am sure there would be many willing hands from across the waters to assist and ensure a satisfactory conclusion to the story – which does not necessarily need to be a grisly one. Some deep cleaning to remove the stain of decades of global abuse might suffice. And hopefully that would take place under the humane auspices of international law, rather than mob rule. But undoubtedly the western concept of ‘The Rule of Law’ would finally be laid to rest in the process.

So, what we are beginning to see, and which will soon become evident, is a broadening of the ‘operation’ to extend it beyond the borders of Donbass to embrace all of the southern regions of what was until recently the country of Ukraine. It may, and I think it will, go even further than that (and I have also mentioned this before, but it now becomes almost certain as a result of what I will relate below) to reach the western and northern borders of current Ukraine territory. If Poland thinks it is going to control Ukraine (as it negotiated with Zelensky recently) it will be sadly mistaken, and may receive a bloody nose if it tries to implement that. They don’t seem to realise that Zelensky is no longer in charge of such matters. Ukraine is not his to give. And in any case, who said that Russia will stop at the Ukraine borders? Whether that is so will depend on the attitude of the west. Russia must achieve its stated goals, laid down in documents provided to the west back in (I don’t remember now) December, was it? And waited until February for a satisfactory response. Receiving not just that but no response at all. The west must be made to pay for that disrespect. And it will. Nothing less than full satisfaction will suffice. [Hey, look! I am fully aware I do not speak for Russia. I am just telling you what is going to happen, and how. There is no other choice.] 1. NATO is disbanded. 2. The US leaves Europe. Those two conditions are more or less mandatory, because Russia is not going to be satisfied (its pre-conditions), otherwise. So, how far this goes is entirely up to the west. I suspect Europe will have something to say about that, before ever a Russian boot crosses the Ukraine border. But that is yet to be seen.

One more thing that I consider to be of high importance. You should note that the conclusion I make here is speculation, based on what has been said. There is not much that is speculatory (apparently that word should end in ‘ery’ but my gut tells me it is more correctly ‘ory’ [from speculator], so I am going with that) about what I have said so far, but this is ‘speculatory’ (or ‘ery’, as you please). Denis Pushilin, head of the DPR, and a now established Russian political figure (per Martyanov) on Monday June 13 said that a call had been made for more alliance troops, particularly from Russia to be made available. Why? Well, I am not going to add any words which might be leading, and possibly distracting, but I will provide this TASS quote…

“The enemy has literally crossed all boundaries, using prohibited methods of warfare, residential and central districts of Donetsk are being shelled, and other cities and towns of the DPR are also under fire. An understanding was reached that all the necessary additional forces of the allied forces will be involved, primarily from Russia,” he said.

Head of DPR asks for additional allied forces after intensified shelling

Sorry, but I do feel I should say something more about that, on reflection, and to answer my own question “Why?”. When the liberation of Donbass is so close, after four months of intense fighting, why would there be a need to call for more Russian troops? Especially since Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, earlier this month recruited and trained a further 200 Chechen soldiers to complete the job. Only 200? All that was thought necessary for the task. So, why this Pushilin call? Is this a case similar to the call to Mr Putin by the same DPR leader which gave Russia the trigger to intervene in the dispute on Donbass’ behalf back in February? Specifically, is this another trigger for a new phase beyond the Donbass wall? We must remember that Mr Putin is meticulous in staying within the bounds of international law. I will leave it at that.

I always know when I have done enough, though sometimes, in fact frequently, it doesn’t seem to have been anywhere near enough. And yet I know that whatever I may say from this point will not add to what I needed to say. So, I will finish here.

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