Well, if Andrei Martyanov can feature Alan Price videos simply because It Is Friday…, then, I reckon so can I – even if for me it is Saturday.

Here is something you may never have heard before. It is a short, sub two-minute movie scene fill-in from the same movie (which I don’t recollect ever having seen) as the song Martyanov shares. The song is called ‘Changes’, sung to the tune – ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’, which I well remember from my youth and which instantly sprung to mind the moment Price began singing (as I’m sure it will also to many others of my age-group). I had to smile.

Alan Price, still with us at age 80 as I write, is one of the great song-writers and musicians of our time. Never, I think, in a world driven by commercialism, given the credit he deserved.

I also want to take the opportunity – since it is unlikely to arise again – to share another Alan Price song. One which may not be to everyone’s taste and which I had never heard before until today. I find such coincidentally new knowledge to now, in many cases, be very meaningful. It is a sad song and one which may have sinister undertones. Myself being a very sinister person – I am left-handed, left-footed and left-eyed (which would in certain times past have gotten me burned at the stake). I can handle that condition, but others may not be so blessed. So if you are in any way affected by a sad story, I suggest you pass on this one.

The song is called ‘Between Today and Yesterday’ which was also the title of his 1976 album. The lyrics follow – useful because some of the words are difficult to pick up.

There is a reference in the song to ‘drink the black wine’. I am not aware of any hidden meaning to that, but a certain inference is there. Black Wine, I learned today (turning out to be a good day for learning), is an ancient vintage, first made, it is said, in what is now Georgia on the Russian border some 7,000 years ago. It has also recently become a sought after drink in modern times, the grapes now grown in many places around the world. I must get out more, says the hermit to himself.

Lyrics to the Alan Price song – ‘Between Today and Yesterday’

He’ll never see his mother’s face
Or feel his father’s hand
Who can you show when you succeed
In never-never land?

He’s afraid to have his fortune told
For fear what it might mean
He doesn’t want the picture drawn
Of things he has to dream

Between today and yesterday is like a million years
And the only truthful man he’s seen was standing there in tears
Believe in me, his saviour said
And you will be redeemed
But alas, abdullah, his savior fell
He wasn’t what he seemed

Now the only happy man he’s seen
Was guilty but insane
And he laughed and danced because he knew
That his watchers felt the blame

Between today and yesterday is like a million years
And the only truthful man he’s seen was standing there in tears

Beware,the mirror on the wall gets less friendly with passing time
Enough, I said enough, just draw the shades
Please let me drink black wine

Yes, I know it’s the ending
You can leave it all to me…

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