The Gods Are Still Watching – Maybe

I still quietly hold to the Ancient Astronaut accounts of such folk as Sitchin and others concerning the origins of the ancient homo genera based on a local bipedal species enhanced by aspects of Annunaki lineage to form, down through the ages and with continuous improvements, the creation of modern man in the form of the Sumerian peoples (and other races around the globe) and the introduction of human civilisation. That experimental program being the only rational explanation for the admittedly minor differences between modern humans and the rest of the planetary fauna – and why we don’t really ‘fit in’ or are physically maladapted for survival here (unlike other native bipedal genera), unaided by constructed shelter, complex food preparation, manufactured clothing and weapons of defence. One day, maybe, I will write a story on that.

That story, wholly recorded in ancient writings, ends after countless inter-family wars and power struggles (echoing suggestions about why we are the way we are – ‘apple never falls far from the tree’) with most of the Annunaki ‘gods’ leaving the planet in disgust at their own creational failure (or perhaps as a matter of survival) some 2,600 years ago. Only one dominant ‘god’ was left behind along with presumably thousands of demi-gods from the intermingling of god-man relationships. That god later died (or also left) somewhere before 2350 years ago when Alexander the Great went to look for him and found only an empty coffin. The name of that ‘god’ was Marduk, commonly called Bel or known as Baal in biblical language. Bel, or Marduk, son of one of the original great Annunaki gods, Enki, was the last ‘living’ god on the planet. He, as Baal, was perceived as the antithesis of El the contrived usurper of that ‘living god’ claim, foisted on a minor ethnic community derived from the family of Abram (later Abraham) whose family left the major city of Ur in tumultuous times and whose connection was with the other side of the Annunaki family, that of the god Enlil (who was also known as El). This fully explains the hatred of the Hebrews (later Israelites), descended from Abram, for the actual living god Baal, Bel or Marduk (and another fifty or so different names). That false usurper god, El, has plagued mankind, all opposition having died out with the passing of Marduk one way or another, ever since that time. Actually, that oppositional figure of Baal has been transposed into the fictitious oppositional figure of the Devil or Satan – a necessary contrivance to ensure a scapegoat for all the troublesome things otherwise attributable to El, who supposedly could do no wrong.

So, all those family squabbles aside, assuming the remainder of the evacuated ‘gods’ managed to survive somewhere within our star system, it would not be surprising or even inconceivable, that they would at least out of curiosity perhaps, be returning from time to time to observe the results of their earlier experiment. Would it? Perhaps from Unmanned Observation Platforms (UOPs or even UFOs)?

I will say one more thing – having already said much more than I intended – if Sitchin is right and these people came from an active core planet (self-heating) which forms an elliptical orbit on a 3,600 year cycle at a similar acute angle to that of Pluto (taking it out beyond the outer cometary cloud), it would be difficult for them (or their descendants) to personally return to Earth, via interplanetary vessel (as they are alleged to have originally done and repeated a number of times), outside a window of maybe a few hundred years either side of perihelion. Which could put a potential reappearance, on or around this planet, by godly representatives, at any point within the next thousand years.

Such an orbit, far removed from the ecliptic ring, would also make it very difficult for Earth based observers to locate such a planet – which we know exists somewhere out there. Something to think about?

‘Aliens Could Already Be Studying Humanity Like Microbes, Russian Space Agency Suggests’ – Sputnik News

This story is widely reported, including – though more concisely – by TASS.

‘Russian scientists carry out research on so-called UFOs, Roscosmos chief says’ – TASS

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  1. Oh Dear. I always seem to get the ‘n’s and ‘nn’s the wrong way round in Anunnaki. Never mind, I don’t see that as an impediment.

    Incidentally, don’t believe a word you may read of those folk in the scientific literature. It is all crap and the product of linear and narrow minds. Those experts who write such things don’t suffer from unimaginative minds. On the contrary, but their boxed-in views do not let them imagine anything arising from what is actually obvious. ‘Underworld deities’ is about the limit in ultra-safety they are allowed to venture.

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