Summarising the Now

I’m going to put together a number of reports today, which together I think form a picture of where things are at in the liberation of Ukraine.

Firstly, to dispel any illusions about the treatment of Ukraine POWs in Russian hands, and I think there is much video evidence of a similar nature, I share this post from Andrei Martyanov’s blog today, or actually my yesterday due to the time difference where I am. Andrei presents a video by reporter Sladkov taken inside one of the ‘temporary holding facilities’ for captive Ukraine soldiers. It shows the inmates being fed and they appear to be in generally good condition. None of them look happy, because they know they will not be going home for some while, but at least they are safe – pending investigation of atrocities some of them may have been engaged in. Others may be hospitalised for some time but I’m sure will receive better treatment than they would under their own regime. See the video and read more, here…

‘Feeding VSU POWs.’ – Martyanov blog.

Next, it seems that phase 2 of the Russian operation is now officially declared by none other than globally respected Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, only he wisely doesn’t attach a number to it and also refers to a ‘stage’ rather than ‘phase’…

‘Russia begins another stage of special military operation in Ukraine, says Lavrov’ – TASS

So, let me ask a question in the form of the title of a very detailed update on the situation around the large cauldron (referred to in this piece as a ‘boiler’) of Ukraine forces still held in place in the western districts of the Donetsk People’s Republic – the last remaining large formation of the best Ukie troops there are. While it has been referred to as a ‘cauldron’ since the beginning, it has never been fully surrounded (because there have not been sufficient Russian troops available to contain such a large area but movement is restricted by Russian fire zones and of course air superiority) and it is therefore continually being resupplied and reinforced from the west – at great risk and cost (much of the NATO supplied armaments being destroyed between landing in Ukraine and reaching places it could be used.) The article I am sharing, both asks and answers the question – ‘What will the second phase of the special operation in Ukraine look like?’ – Evgeny Krutikov, for Moscow news sheet VZGLYAD (you will need a translator). It makes very interesting reading, and presents thoughts and facts of which I was not fully aware. The end result of course is not in doubt.

Perhaps another question worth answering is how is Russia’s intervention seen by the people of Ukraine? Well, it depends on where you ask that. In western regions of the country, which have never had a Russian connection you might get a different response but the people of the recently liberated district of Rozovsky, part of the Zaporozhye region to the west of the Donetsk region are petitioning to become part of the DPR – ‘Rozovsky district of Zaporozhye wanted to join the DPR’ – VZGLYAD – and it is not beyond imagination that the Donbass republics will eventually request to become part of the Russian Federation.

Finally, and because I want to get this out as news while it is still fresh news, I want to share another opinion, that of the Saker in his most recent personal note – even though he is overly fond of expressing his own personal religious foibles. It offers a slightly different view of these matters, and all of this goes together to enable us to build our own picture of the situation – conflict never being clear while in progress.

‘The 2nd phase of the Russian SMO + personal note’ – the Saker blog.

Be informed. Be aware. You are then less likely to be duped, or surprised.

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  1. I look forward to your posts…..I will be posting an op-ed soon from the Kyiv Post….I am not too thrilled with the reporting to me it looks like a propaganda war as much as a fighting war… well and be safe…..chuq

  2. Thank you for your comment chuq, and your interest is welcomed. I have delayed a reply while I spent some time in reading your work at I am still reserving my opinion on that but my initial assessment is that you are approaching this from a distinctly western angle, which unfortunately results in more misinformation than news in what you write (you write well of course, better than I do, but I don’t so far detect any ‘heart’ in it) – and it is, in any case, mostly out of date misinformation as a result of the sources you use. Whether you are trying to give a balanced assessment I have yet to ascertain.

    For me there is no ‘balancing’ to be done. There is only one noble cause and that is the one taken by Russia, with the backing of the other great world power in China and other allied nations. The west are inveterate liars, and lies are pretty much their only current stock in trade. Oh, plus the emptying of their warehouses of museum piece weaponry and some modern weapons which are well beyond the abilities of the Ukrainian forces to use, even if any of them actually fall into the hands of those forces given the Russian precision destruction of their warehouses as soon as they arrive in country. Such weapons are inevitably gifted to the Russian allies when discovered abandoned in field.

    No, for me this is an existential conflict which was forced on Russia and which Russia must win by any and all means available – which they will do, even if it means going – as some say – ‘full nuclear’. I would back them in that, including ‘first strike’ action if it becomes necessary. The alternative, of a world ruled by the west (which exists only in a few dements western minds), would be unthinkable. The west can keep its ‘rules based order’ and stuff it where the sun don’t shine. I, and the Russians, the Chinese, and their growing list of allies, stand for a world of peaceful cooperation under International Law as laid down in the UN Charter.

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