A Quiet Revolution in Monetary Affairs

The other big story just now – well, it should be big, but doesn’t yet seem to have clicked with most of those who dictate what the public hears about – apart from the Ukraine conflict, is the new economic world order being built around the Ruble. You’ve heard about that, right?

Quietly, Russia has sealed the fate of not just the US dollar but all fiat currencies by hitching the value of the Ruble to a fixed Gold price for two to three months (end of June), and there is also a basket of commodities involved in there somewhere. The immediate result, you may have noticed, is that the Ruble is back up to its previous, pre-Ukraine conflict, value and set to go higher, placing the dollar in a difficult position. There are other marked changes stemming from this quiet revolution in monetary affairs that I am unqualified, and perhaps a little indifferent to learning about, to speak on. I have read a number of articles from different sources in the last few days but this one seems to tell the story in simpler terms that even I think I can understand. Why not see what you think…

‘A Once in a Century Opportunity’ – Alastair Crooke – Strategic Culture Foundation

For those a little more advanced in economics literacy (mostly over my head or interest), you might try – on the same subject – a piece by Tom Luongo…

‘#GotGoldorRubles? Russia Just Broke the Back of the West’ – Strategic Culture Foundation

If you don’t read it here, you may only become aware of the issue when the squealing starts and panic sets in all over the place.

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