“Washington’s geopolitical cards are dwindling rapidly.”

That is a quote from the article on The Cradle by MK Bhadrakumar, linked below…

‘In snub to Washington, UAE reaches out to Russia’ – The Cradle – March 18 2022

Asia, it seems, even West Asia (some zones of which are liberally pursued and favoured by the west), is leaning towards Russia in these most difficult times. We already have the Saudis reaching out and now the UAE has determined which side of the slice their bread is buttered (that may not be an appropriate phrase to describe the situation but there is no hidden meaning and I think there is a general understanding as to its use). The UAE joins the growing queue of Russian suitors. That is as it should be, if wise heads are allowed to operate freely.

So, while the general thrust of western foreign policy, dictated largely by the US, is to isolate Russia and its partners, the question rises as to who is really becoming increasingly to be found standing alone – left by the wayside – their pockets rapidly emptying of dollar exchanges from overseas? While Russia seems to be accumulating friends.

And while the sort of friendship being discussed here may be vastly different from that of a ‘meeting of minds’ and the formation of ‘bosom buddies’, leaning in practice more towards a ‘handshake of convenience’, an offering of ‘equal partnership based on mutual respect’which is the Russian way of doing things, in preference to the ‘coercion and punishment’ favoured by the westgoes a long way toward forging a path that fosters mutual benefit, wouldn’t you say?

There are more ways than one to win conflict than on the battlefield – though there are occasions where that is at some stage an essential ingredient to the mix.

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