How To Conduct ‘Special Operations’ in Civilised Manner – West Should Observe & Take Note

Russia has given advanced notice of the destruction of Ukraine Psyops centres – a very important part of modern warfare. The indiscriminate use of lies and false propaganda by the west has gone beyond any reasonable bounds – not that there are any reasonable grounds at all for that practice. It just shows how low and unprincipled the west has become. Lunacy is one way to describe it.

Here is the story, from TASS. Wait for the big bangs. Wise people will stay well clear. They have been warned.

Come to think of it, I have never heard of any western forces having ever given such prior warnings. That may be due to the fact that they do not possess the equivalent of Russia’s precision weapons. Whenever the west, particularly the US, targets a specific location, the invariably hit and kill numerous civilians – it’s kinda their trademark.

And, more than that, they don’t even seem to care about what they do to others. How do we describe lack of feelings in others for others? Oh yes, …it’s inhuman.

‘Russian Defense Ministry warns about strikes being prepared on military sites in Kiev’ – TASS

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