The Last Post (I Hope) On Covid-19

Amid all the blather and misinformation surrounding health matters over the past two years, in which doctors, nurses, scientists, politicians, journalists, celebrities, and many other classes of information purveyors, have all damned themselves and hopefully condemned themselves to spending long periods of jail-time in the near-future – or even more severe punishments, there has come from time to time a piece of brilliance which banishes the darkness and brings some hope that ‘rightness’ will at some stage once more prevail and the injustice of deceit, lies, and the propagation of mass murder and other forms of death and injury, will be dealt with appropriately. That will not happen of course under our present corrupt and irredeemably perverse form of society. But change is coming. It must. The old ways, of which the past two years have been the last gasp, are crumbling and falling away. When the dust has settled from that process, these things will not be forgotten.

OK, that’s a big introduction to the ‘piece of brilliance’ of which I spoke. So without further ado, even though I am bursting to tell you why I think this is so brilliant (I will restrict myself to saying this guy simply talks my talk), here it is…

(If you miss it, and you have played along with the Covid narrative and vaccination hoax, you will probably die, never knowing why)

Virus and mRNA Theory Completely Over! (With Slides)

I want to leave you with one quote from this video – make of it what you will…

To me, it starts, because the way you perceive – the conception of the world we have – gets translated into how we live … and so, how you see the world – and we’ve been convinced to see a make-believe world – and then you do stupid shit…

…like (this is me talking) following along with the mass narrative (because it gives you a feeling of belonging), wherever it goes and whatever it takes. Even if that means that you are willing to wear a face-nappy all day, allow somebody you don’t know to stick a long cotton-bud up your nose and wiggle it around, also permitting (providing written permission) for somebody you don’t know to inject you with some fluid, the composition or efficacy and the dangers of which you are completely unaware, and even when you see some of the dire results of such action in other people, you are still willing to take further doses and boosters.

Are you crazy?

5 thoughts on “The Last Post (I Hope) On Covid-19

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    1. Hi Bev, the names are given at the bottom of screen on every shot where they appear. It is Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Lee Merritt, both well known names in the Covid debunking sphere. It even gives his website (you may also enjoy his interview with Joel Salatin whom you would know and recognise I think (with whom he has food business links via polyface farm) –

      Dr Merritt also has strong credentials, though I don’t particularly agree with all her positions – a little too much faith-based for my taste. Her website is I think I featured her interview with Reiner Fuellmich some time back.

      Thank you for your interest.

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