Donbass Situation

I have not reported the situation in Donbass so far today because, well… there’s nothing to say. Nothing has changed, and there is no sense in reporting not much happened.

However, things are happening. Of course they are. Almost continual shelling into the Donetsk and Luhansk republics by the forces of Lviv (Kiev no longer considered safe) has not abated. Just that there are not so many folk around to care. Civilians are still being evacuated to Russia – and being well looked after I’m sure. How many will want to go back, is something that needs to be considered. The US, EU and NATO continue to spew out the most blatant lies through their ethics-free and faithless media. They will all come to regret their lies soon – many of them at the end of a rope.

But apart from that, we are simply waiting fort he west to make one wrong move. And that would be for them to cross the line. That would be troop movements, air encroachment or bombing/shelling anywhere along the Union State borders. Then Hell would break loose on them.

Until then, it is just a matter of waiting until one side breaks. And that will be the side most desperate to achieve their goals. Russia is determined to achieve its goals, but Russia is not and never has been desperate. The Russians are very patient. The Americans wouldn’t even be able to define patience.

So, that’s all from me for now. I have other matters I want to discuss.

Oh, before I go… yesterday I began using an abbreviation LDPR for the two independent Donbass republics. I got it wrong. The accepted abbreviation, which appears to be exclusive to blogland, is LDNR. What the ‘N’ stands for I have no idea. But because the media of the republics themselves still refer to themselves as DPR and LPR, individually and when used together in the same sentence, I will also continue to use both those references in future.

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