Of Wars, Cults, Lots of Folk Dying, and Waiting for Dinner to Arrive

I have to find something else to talk about other than the US’ proposed war in Europe, because that story is not going anywhere, for a while at least. Russia will not be making its plans known for some time, potentially weeks or even longer. The table is set, but dinner is not yet being served – and with good reason – not least among which is that the US hates being made to cool its heels.

The only other major issue just now, apart from ‘We’re all going to die from climate issues’ – which is really (yes, it is ‘real’) a backburner thing though the pot is beginning to boil and splutter – is the fake pandemic thing most folk have been worrying themselves to death (literally) about, and which is about to pass into yesterday’s news after the ‘It was all mass hysteria’ story airs not far from now.

So, anyway, let’s stick with that for now (for this post at least).

I have been a sometime follower of satirist CJ Hopkins who, it seems , has jumped from his previous online platform this year to post under his own name. He has lost none of his cutting wit. The title of the piece says all that need to be said about it by way of explanation.

Prepare for this to be rolled out in reality. The prospect is pretty scary stuff.

‘The Last Days of the Covidian Cult’ – CJ Hopkins

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