Australia’s Own Keystone Kops

I’m sorry, I’m sorry …but I just can’t resist getting this out before I fall into my bed, exhausted after another day of fun and laughter at the world’s expense – because, for grown-ups, we act like kindergarten kids – undirected, impulse-driven, wild-cards …and then there are those who are supposed to be leading us – they are even more like unguided weapons – could go off anytime and fly anywhere, except the one direction which might help.

And then, just before bedtime, I see this…

Australia, already the butt of almost every joke going around (if it weren’t for the US and UK we would be, but we are not in their league on irresponsible behaviour, yet), first sends a boat (our biggest naval vessel – the only one we’ve got that you can supposedly fly aircraft off) chock full of supposedly COVID cases (dis-able-d seamen) to deliver ‘aid’ to Tonga – which has so far kept COVID out of its population, and would dearly like to keep things that way. We are a barrel of laughs, aren’t we?

…and then this, today…

‘Claims sailors are enduring scorching conditions to repair ‘stranded’ HMAS Adelaide as reinforcements arrive’ – ABC News

The damn thing is stuck on a sand bank or something!!

Erm… excuse me? Do the reinforcements need to have COVID as well?

Added later:

This is even worse than I thought. Complete power failure has stranded the ship. How? Why?

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