Transcript of Lavrov’s Radio Interview Jan 28, 2022

I was looking for this interview transcript, having read it on the day it was issued but for some reason could not find it to include in my previous post – The United States is a Trouble Maker Not a Peace Broker. Russia is a Peace Broker., but heh, here it is, in all its revelatory glory, and so I now, with all due reverance, offer it to you as a guide to the current Russia-US thing.

There are those who say this is now all over and Russia won. Well. of course Russia won. Russia was never going to lose this clash of heads no matter what Washington said or did. But it is by no means over.

For a start, Russia now has to make her response – and no-one knows what that will be. But you can bet they will not be satisfied with a draw which leaves the situation as it was before they made their play and resolutely stated their case. That would be a victory to the western heroes who hide behind deceit and irrelevancy. No way that is going to be acceptable to the Russians – and rightly so.

I’m going to say no more here because I want you to read this transcript from the Saker’s pages, and I thank him for doing that. I can read long texts but I can’t usually watch or listen to more than a few minutes of recorded speech or talking visuals (although in this case I would love to have been a fly on the wall). Here it is…

‘Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with radio stations, January 28, 2022’ – The Saker blog

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