The United States is a Trouble Maker Not a Peace Broker. Russia is a Peace Broker.

The role of peace broker does not suit the US even one iota. They have never known a period of peace in their entire history. In fact whenever the threat of peace comes up, they go and start a war somewhere, so as not to break their record of continuous conflict. Of course this is not how it appears to the American public, because they never get to see or experience that side of things. Other than by sending their sons and daughters away and watching them come back in pieces or totally unfit for life. So they know that something bad has occurred but because of the (I haven’t a proper word for it) let’s just say ‘less than honest’ service they receive from their corporate media, they have no idea of what that something is. But they are led to believe their sons and daughters are heroes of some sort. They are even unaware that their nation’s ‘greatest ever military’ has failed to win a war (by itself) in its entire history of conflict.

So when the US claims to be working towards a peaceful solution of any issue it can always be read as they are rumbling for war. And there is no nation on Earth just now that needs a war more than the United States does. With its foreign policy reputation in tatters and its NATO partners packing their bags (virtually – they are actually ‘at home’) and it is the US which needs to pack its bags. They may soon be ordered to do that by their European allies, before the position for all of them in Europe is rendered untenable by whatever action Russia comes up with. And Russia declares that has not yet been decided.

If you listen to the media, the west thinks it has now won the preliminary skirmish of ‘talks’ and already has Russia dancing to its tune. They are also talking strongly about demanding of Russia as to what it must do and UK’s Batty Boris can’t wait to get in Putin’s ear with that message. But they are wrong.

If they think they can niggle and bully Russia into starting a conflict across their borders, they are disastrously wrong. Russia will not be niggled and bullied into anything. Russia actually has the upper hand in the talks (they having already achieved their purpose – which was to get the west to say ‘no, no, no’). They also have the moral high ground and the means to achieve their goals by whatever course of action they choose – and that will not be by a general advance to the west across their own borders – an action which would not serve their cause in any way. They will not stand still, however, and allow either their goals to be ignored or their kinsmen in the Donbass (or anywhere else) to be slaughtered or even treated badly – and they do not even need to cross their borders to achieve that. There is less than no chance, unless Russia itself is invaded, that they will cross their own borders to defeat an enemy (and even a united US/NATO force is not even a military problem as was the German army of the 1940s). That is the only scenario I see for the talked about (in the west) story that Russia wants to go as far as to cut off the landward side of the Crimea to deny the Azov Sea to Ukraine or even to Odessa to deny them any Black Sea coast (and at the same time deprive the west of any excuse to be in the Black Sea in the future) – which seems to me to be a very sensible idea to pursue. But I think it would take a massive drive against Russia first to have them take such a course in redress – and such a move is just not open to the west, no matter how much they may crave it.

So, at the moment the US, and Boris – I see no-one else quite so jubilant – think they are now on the front foot. But that is not how I read the situation – though some of the more appeasement oriented things being said from the Russian side don’t help with that perception. But Russia has not yet made its reading of the west’s response to its demands known. They may take the full month to do that – just as the west did – and especially since they will not wish to take any direct action during February, while the Olympics is in progress. That would be a mistake I think. In fact though, I would have expected Russia to make a stronger instant political response, given the flat-out negative position on their own demands that has been returned – which was entirely expected, or should have been. But I don’t know exactly what else was included in the US document. While I think we can totally dismiss the NATO response out of hand as being the work of rabid-dog-bitten loonies.

I think we will soon know what the US said – request for secrecy or not – and some of that has been made known by Foreign Minister Lavrov, presumably on the back of the instant leaks by the US’ own representatives. Apparently ‘Secret’ is not so ‘Secret’ any more. It seems to mean that all can be shared but not in one piece, at one place, by one person. That would presumably fall under the definition of ‘whistleblowing’ – and be grounds for false charges leading to imprisonment and torture, if apprehended.

How sorry the US, and Boris, will be when Russia, through its President, makes known their righteous judgement of the unbelievable ignorance and stupidity of the west as to their actual place in the scheme of things now.

How degrading it will be for them to have their impotence laid bare for all to see. I don’t think we should show too much pity. They deserve everything that comes their way – whatever it is. I’m sure a certain amount of grovelling will be required, but I am equally sure the Russians will retain their dignity by not rubbing the west’s noses in the putrescence of their circumstances quite as much as their opponents would have done were the boot on the other foot.

I will say just one more thing. I fear that the unruly and unprincipled west are not beyond an attempt to spoil the Beijing Olympics party by projecting some awful incident to try to force Russia’s hand at some stage during the games. This, if it should happen, may not get the response it was designed to trigger, at the desired time. But I am sure it will be avenged by many times its disruptive effects.

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