United States Bull Shit Diplomacy (USBSD), or further abbreviated to USBS (since it is not limited to diplomacy)

Poor Sergei Lavrov and his colleagues in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are obliged (sort of), by the rules of international diplomacy, to frequently sit and quietly listen to USBS – possibly several times a day, or at least several times a week – while trying to keep a serious face without smirking, resorting to hiding a breaking chuckle disguised as an essential clearing of the throat, or excusing themselves from the room for a full throated guffaw. How dreary, and taxing on the will to live, it all must be. Thank goodness there are still telephone calls unaccompanied by video link. I wonder if any of them have learned to sleep with their eyes open at such events yet? A useful tool for escaping something you cannot avoid.

You may gather from that I am not a fan of anything US officials may have to say. None of it is worth the listening – and none of it is believable. Not a single word. They are programmed liars. Incapable of doing anything else other than Bull-shitting. Unless you consider there to be a difference between complete bull-shitting and mere bull-shitting. I concede there may be several grades of discernable difference – though I would not care to analyse that further. But feel free to do so yourself.

So thank goodness also that the world is gradually learning that they no longer have to take notice of USBS, except in certain circles where decorum still rules the roost – such as diplomacy. And even there it is now quite Ok to simply nod sagely or remain stoney-faced at what is said and then instantly dismiss it as forgettable – knowing the US has no recourse now to do anything about that other than impose unworkable sanctions, which is a great reason for having less to do with that deviously irascible and self-righteous nation in the future than ever before.

And so I give Kudos to anyone who has, as part of their job description, to deal with that god-awful stuff. They are heroes.

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