Russia-US ‘High Noon’ Suffers Déjà Vu

Did last week actually exist? Are we now reliving it in a kind of surreal world where Catch 22 meets Groundhog Day(Week)? Is there any way out of this dilemma?

Did not the US promise just over a week ago to provide Russia with written responses to its security proposals by next week (which is this week – the one about to end)? And, having signally failed to do that, are now saying they promise to ‘provide Russia with written responses to its security proposals by next week’ which, a week from now will again be ‘this week’? And at that time will the US actually deliver or will they promise to ‘provide Russia with written responses to its security proposals by next week’?

Do you get my drift?

This was published today, Jan 22, 2022…

‘Washington to give written responses to Moscow’s proposals next week — Lavrov’ – TASS

…and is that not almost identical to a similar post published a week earlier and which I’m sure I must have shared in one of my intervening posts somewhere? Is your head spinning too, like mine?

Ok, let’s be fair and reasonable about this. Perhaps just one week was too big an expectation for a diplomatic service which only wears non-lacing shoes because tying laces would be too difficult for them and take up too much time which could otherwise be productively spent producing bullshit. Let’s say they really mean it this time when they say they will ‘provide Russia with written responses to its security proposals by next week’.

And what if they don’t? What if they wake up to the fact (which they may already have done) that they have been bamboozled, played, out-manoeuvered, boxed in, crated up and shipped, by the Russians who are fed up to the teeth with their crazy, juvenile antics in pursuit of a uni-polar, Americanised, American rules-based, international law abandoned, world. They, the US, may just have realised (or am I crediting them with a little too much intelligence) that for them the game is over, the best they can hope for is the delusion that the gospel train is soon coming – to take them to the rapture – and that it doesn’t matter what they put into, or don’t put into, any reply they make to the Russians, because the end result is already known …and it does not favour them or their dreams of glory.

In other news… (and I make no apologies for almost exclusively using TASS – it is one of the few sensible sources of news items still available)

‘Current global situation more chaotic than during Cold War – UN head’ – TASS

“What we have now is much more chaotic, much less predictable. We have no instruments to deal with crisis, and so this, indeed, we live in a dangerous situation,” the UN secretary-general added.

I wonder how many of the people of the world are aware of that?

This wisdom from the essential Maria…

‘Russian diplomat on Blinken’s remarks: US confused about its values’ – TASS

And I reckon Anthony copped a real earful from Sergei on Friday (he’s no match for a rampant Russian MFA)…

‘Lavrov warns Blinken about consequences of ignoring Russia’s concerns – ministry’ – TASS

Ukraine not covered by Article 5. Quelle surprise! While true, is this some form of back-step?

‘Defending Ukraine not included in NATO commitments, says US Secretary of State’ – TASS

There is of course much more, but from me I think that is enough for now.

A week has become a very long time in geopolitics. Who knows where we will stand a week from now? Or will we return to the same point once again?

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