Interlude, Before Peace or War

Today, while we wait for the ‘Afternoon Tea’ to roll out and become history, I want to feature the latest post by Christopher Black, Canadian writer, who has just published an interesting piece on the same Russia-US imbroglio that has been my own focus for a while. And let’s face it, what else is there to talk about, of any major importance, just now? Is not the importance and imminent likelihood of a pan-European war – which is the minimum of what we are looking at, in my view. This is not simply a Ukraine thing (though that is what the west is trying to make a catalyst for the bigger conflagration).

‘Peace In Our Time, Or War?’ – Christopher Black – for New Eastern Outlook

While there are many things said there that gain my applause, I want to choose a single quote from that article on which to comment. After speaking of the preparations by the west which threaten Russia’s existence, the writer says (emphasis mine)…

Russia has the single objective of removing the existential threat presented by these preparations and planning of war against it, of surviving, of freeing itself from the US-NATO threat once and for all, so it can develop and prosper as a free and sovereign nation.

‘Peace In Our Time, Or War?’ – NEO

The removal of the ‘US-NATO threat once and for all‘ is, I think, quite appropriate and the only objective which would ensure a peaceful world (for a time at least), and also speaks of what the author (whom I support on this) believes is the extent to which Russia will (is willing to) and has prepared itself to take their response. This is entirely justifiable in the circumstances (and in my opinion) but have you thought about what it means? Quite simply it means the destruction of all US-NATO forces currently occupying the European landmass (plus any reinforcing units – possibly before they actually arrive on the scene) and the complete removal of any remainder of those forces and all offensive weapons, from that landmass. And if that does not prove to be enough to achieve a complete capitulation by the west, then to do the same thing over the entirety of the US homeland.

I have no doubt that Russia is entirely comfortable with its capability to accomplish those goals with minimal losses to its own forces or the European general population and its infrastructure. How much of the western forces are destroyed is up to them to decide (how quickly they can see that the game is up and are willing to accept Russia’s terms). They, the US, will need to be quick in order to avoid complete annihilation or routing.

I feel I need to emphasise the fact that this, the west having stubbornly refused all other potential outcomes, is an entirely necessary act of force majeure by the Russian Federation to establish itself as a recognised world power and to fortify for ever its right to exist as a sovereign nation among all the other sovereign nations of the world. These conditions are not currently set in the eyes of certain western nations. They soon will be so set.

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