Australian Government Bowed To Mob Rule Once In Djokovic Case – Will It Do So Again?

It is clear that the Australian people, or the most vociferous of them (empty vessels make most noise?), were angry that tennis champion Novak Djokovic was granted a visa to enter the country. And it was entirely on the populistic basis of that mob rule that the Australian government allowed the ABF (Australian Border Force) to cancel his entry visa. Government by mob rule, a sound way to run a country don’t you think? Well, it is if you have your back to the wall, your popularity rate slumping as a result of your stupid handling of matters critical to the nation ‘s welfare and facing an election prospect in a month or few which is nothing short of daunting. It is the coward’s way of doing things of course, but when has the current government shown any backbone on any issue? Faking prosperity, faking people care, faking knowing what they are doing, eventually becomes a modus operandi and you can’t do anything but fake it. Faking everything means telling lies. That is inarguable. But for a Prime Minister who professes a religion supposedly elevating truth in all things, it becomes a little blemish on his saintly character. A blemish that has grown to the status of him being known as an outright liar and unscrupulous operator. But such is expected of his position. Didn’t he know that before he took the job? Of course he did. He has been a parliamentarian for many years and previously served as Treasurer (usually next in rank to the PM).

Anyway, leaving aside how the Australian people, or a large chunk of them, got to be motivated by hypnotically applied delusion (which is what the visual propaganda of television and video generally is for) over a simple and barely noticeable illness to the point of willingly allowing themselves to be jabbed with obnoxious fluids – something Djokovic has not done, and I also, incidentally, have not done – a personal stand taken by more individuals than government figures [more lies] give credence) which the mob hive mentality simply cannot accept or understand. Leaving all that aside as being mere background material to the story, it is now revealed that in a court case today (story below), the government’s decision has been legally overruled, Djokovic has been released from hotel detention, his passport returned, and his legal costs ordered payable by the government as representatives of the Australian people. He is ostensibly now free to play in the Australian Open tennis tournament – albeit having suffered measurable trauma over the past few days which have prevented him from whatever his normal sport preparation would have been. I can see potential there for a lot more money in compensation payments coming his way, even if he wins the tournament.

‘Novak Djokovic wins court battle, free to play in Australian Open’ – Australia ABC News

[I want to say this, and I never thought a time would come when I would need to say such things, but this article would not have been my first choice to share here. Earlier today, while the court was in session, there was a live article – being written as it happened – which described many of the words used by the Judge in the case and which were very critical of the government’s decisions in this incident. That article has since been removed in a blatant example of media censorship. Whether it was removed by the ABC management or at government request, once written, and published, reported events should remain on record.]

But wait! There’s more! A further opportunity opens from this situation. A further opportunity for government stupidity to rear its ugly head once again. And why wouldn’t it? Once you have a modus operandi you tend to stick with it. It becomes your, well, only choice really.

The Minister for Immigration, placed in charge of the comings and goings of people into and out of the country, has the privilege of personal discretion to (in the words of the article linked above) “exercise his personal power to cancel Mr Djokovic’s visa and have him removed from the country”. There is a stupidity trap if ever I saw one.

Everyone, no matter on which side of the fence you sit, having just released the tension of the past few days, must now take a sharp intake of breath and await yet another decision. Gosh! These are exciting days we live in, aren’t they?

I have to add this, being after initial publication, because I just read it in the latest edition of the Debt Rattle on The Automatic Earth.

Author Raúl Ilargi Meijer has made the following comment on the situation reported above. He calls Australia, my country – “A land of petty vengeful wankers. Where the people suffer from Mass Stockholm Syndrome.” The emphasis is mine and I have to agree with the sentiment even though I have no clear idea of what a Mass Stockholm Syndrome might be (I remember the movie but only vaguely). I suggest it sounds very much like what is actually going on generally, with a large cohort of Aussies acting like mindless sheep and following ‘rules’ which would have earlier generations of Australians turning in their graves.

The free Aussie spirit, once so noted, appears to have died.

How many millions in future tourist income has Australia lost so far in this case? A land of petty vengeful wankers. Where the people suffer from Mass Stockholm Syndrome.

‘Djokovic has won the battle, but might still lose the war!’ Australian immigration minister could use a separate power to personally cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa which could have serious knock-on impacts on the tennis star. He would be banned from the country for 3 years. But then the international tennis federation could bar them from organizing the Australia open for those 3 years.

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