Blowing in the Wind

It pains me to have to do what I am about to do, but I must do it anyway. When I read what I read today, I had cause to question why it is that I do this blog. I came to the conclusion that I do it mainly for my own self-respect, to maintain my inner mental balance, and perhaps even to give my life some meaning in its twilight years. Putting it bluntly, my mission is to provide information streams which inform others of issues that may not otherwise reach those sensory inputs which facilitate the formation of their personal world view, and to highlight (or at least indicate) those things embedded within those information streams which I consider to be wrong and harmful – not to mention untrue, or pure fable.

I am not claiming to be very successful at that, but it keeps me off the streets and fosters a degree of personal happiness, and satisfaction that I am at least doing something.

And so, when I came to read a recent Saker blog piece, I thought, ‘This is great. Typical thorough and logical Saker’ …until I came to the final few paragraphs, where he started carrying on like a pork chop by needlessly and in fact in a blatantly offensive manner, talking about things which bear no relation to logic or reality – God, and Jesus, second comings, and other unbelievable crap like that. Ending with a prayer to Abraham of all people.

Thor Heyerdahl reed boat – Ra 2

Of course Abraham, originally Abram, probably born in Nippur and later moving to Ur. A historically important personage from a well-connected family, his father Terah being a priest (probably more like a butler – the ‘temples’ of the gods being their actual ‘home’ compounds, and animal ‘sacrifices’ their household meal preparations) to the physical, walking, talking, breathing, eating, sexually active, god Nannar/Sin (supposedly, according to historians, the Moon god of Sumeria), all of which characters (in circumstances too complex to describe here [but maybe some other time]) moved to Harran (now a ruin in southern Turkey), probably around 2,000 BCE in the general exit (for some time) of most of the gods from that area. That very fertile region somehow becoming unlivable for quite a while. The cause having something to do with the blowing of an ‘Evil Wind’ as recorded in the records of the period. Many of the god family (yes they were all related) moved their entourages by sea (Thor Heyerdahl style) across the Arabian Ocean to Egypt where they formed what we know as the Egyptian pantheon. That is as good a story, briefly told, as any you will hear and probably closer to the truth than most recognised accounts of history. Such reed boats were never built in Egypt. The only known source of such ocean-going reed boats was Sumerian southern Mesopotamia – the starting point for Heyerdahl’s journey. If we recognised the truth of liberal and realistic history instead of the fables concocted by dishonest men, we would not need to rely on highly incredible and easily discredited stories of future religious significance which are beyond belief that they will ever happen because of the less than flimsy basis on which they were founded.

There is no doubt that Abraham was a pivotal character, featuring in all three of what are known as the Abrahamic religions – which all have a historical basis (up to that point anyway), but he was not a personage to whom prayers should be sent. Not for any reason, except I suppose as a rite in some debased pseudo religion, like certain forms of Christianity (for one).

It is my view, due to the distasteful nature of airing ones personal mythos in an arena ostensibly tilted towards modern world analysis, that writers should hold separate (at least in separate posts or areas of their writing base) subjects that may be offensive to others and simply concentrate on the subject at hand. This equating of modern military and political matters with hardly relevant or truthful religious verbiage is unforgivable action by the Saker.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to read the post for the invaluable modern and insightful analysis it provides (before the trash-talk at the end).

“Revisiting the basics about the current balance of military power” – The Saker Blog

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