I’ve Found Something Worth Talking About

I have scanned and scanned the news and alternate news pages for some days and for the life of me cannot find anything of sufficient moment that might have some relevance to where we are at as this fateful year draws to a close. I was about to give up and write something myself after putting some thoughts together around one or two of the more promising posts, but tonight I found it – the ideal piece of writing on exactly the right subject in exactly the right tone. Where? Believe it or not, in a guest analysis post on the Saker Blog.

Don’t let the title fool you, it is somewhat misleading (“Why Russia didn’t shoot anything down yet?”) and at the same time a little underperforming. But it asks a question – not necessarily the right question, but a leading question – and I do like the challenge of posed questions with hidden and not immediately obvious answers.

I will introduce it with a quote from the piece…

Such monetary arrangement (no matter the exact actual architecture) would in short order annihilate any form of western prevalence and privilege on the global scene. In itself it would just be an ego bruise, but when added to the staggering debt levels, it translates to guaranteed decades of servitude. That my friends is the crux of the matter, the unfathomable horror the west is facing. It is what keeps their elite awake at night, while the population imperfectly senses a looming day of reckoning whether under the traits of a yellow slit eyed giant dragon, a monstrous growling bear, a flood of melted ice, or an amorphous unforgiving pestilence, when instead they should really fear Shylock’s lurking specter and past due pounds of flesh.

– from source linked below

…maybe just one more…

A few months later China unlocks and its economic indicators quickly resume to pre-pandemic levels, all while the US and Europe were still mired in frozen economies. This showed the world economy did not depend any longer on Western lead. In fact the world can now perfectly do without the West all together.

– from source linked below

Now, if you are a westerner (or perhaps even not), those quotes must have pushed some buttons for you. I hope you are intrigued, and prepared for a fairly long read. I will say no more, but I hope I have pulled just enough levers to let go and, mixing metaphors, for you to take the reins yourself…

“Why Russia didn’t shoot anything down yet?” – By Tarik in the Vineyard for the Saker Blog

Added later:

Indulge me just for a moment, with an afterthought. I don’t think the world can move on from the morass it is currently struggling through unless it cuts the West adrift and moves on without it. As a westerner that is a hard thing for me to say – but necessary. Always of course, keeping them under constant surveillance – nasty, sneaky, untrustworthy bastards that they are. They will hold the world back and gradually absorb it into their own murky world of delusion if this is not done. Leave them to battle out the consequences with themselves and perhaps consider accepting the contrite and pitiful few who may emerge from that abyss at some point in the future to be reconciled back into the family of man – or what is left of it after the ravages of nature have had their day on all of us and have settled down to whatever new normal awaits.

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