Yes, there are intelligent, thoughtful people in Australia …somewhere

I think I found one. Or maybe two. The interviewee and, strangely enough, the actual interviewer in this Youtube video. The interviewee is, or was, having now resigned her position, a sworn officer in the Victoria Police. She explains the reasons for her resignation at this point in time. Surprisingly, actually not surprisingly – having watched the interview in full – it brings out a very caring, intelligent and very eloquent female Police Officer, who would be a credit to any relatively honest police force, anywhere. This is the force’s loss, not hers. At least I hope she comes out of her lifetime career in one piece and with good prospects for a useful future in some other sphere of endeavour – or perhaps they will see sense, change their tune, and not let her be lost to what is an essential public service.

That is yet to be determined. But a regime that has lost all sense of care and compassion in favour of a lust for power and ultimate control in its duty of care and oversight of the Victorian public, does not bode well for anybody in the state or even for itself. Desperate Dan, the state Premier, has lost all sense of reason and appears to be in the thrall of the evil Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton – who I would not trust to guide my grandmother (neither of whom I ever met) across a relatively calm road intersection.

Anyway, this thing lasts for 1hr 32mins, which was expressed to me as “ain’t nobody got time for that”. A typical response I suppose in a world where the difficulty level found in reaching all the way to the end of a Twitter post (without images) is considered far too much effort. I don’t care. I’m sharing it anyway. There must be other caring and intelligent people out there somewhere who will gain the benefit of watching it through. Honestly, what you will gain in terms of restored faith in humanity and stirrings of the soul, perhaps not felt in a while, will more than recompense for the effort.

This not going to change anything, not unless there are multitudes of other personal stands to be made in coming days, but it might change you personally, or strengthen your resolve to be true to your own standards of morality and ethics. Try it, on that basis.

Since that video was aired, there has been a police response. You can read about it here: Senior Australian police officer sensationally quits during interview, says ‘vast majority’ of cops don’t believe in COVID orders” – The Blaze

The coming days, and I mean that literally, from tomorrow, Friday, October 15 (as I have mentioned before) things are going to begin to ramp up in terms of unstoppable objections to the current dictatorial national rabid-COVID government regimes, all around the world. Well, the Western world, anyway. And they will not stop but gain traction, if necessary all the way to the end of the year – or until this madness is reversed.

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  1. Wow! Just finished watching. That was amazing! What an articulate and caring young woman. Thanks for posting. I searched for Discernable Interviews while I was watching and found their Facebook page and YouTube site and will watch more. The interviewer was great, as you said.

    I have to admit that I’ve always hated the police, because of childhood incidents with a drunken, foul-mouthed, wife-beating motorcycle copper who lived near us. His 2 teenage sons terrorised the neighbourhood kids and beat up everyone they could find. Despite what she said, I will never be able to trust the police again.

    I’ve been putting a lot of time into this Covid fear campaign, reading and watching videos and being appalled at the ignorance, stupidity, lies and propaganda. Plus the way serious debate is being shut down by mainstream and social media. I’m not having the jab, even though I’m in the vulnerable age group. I don’t mind keeping people at a distance. It really hurts to be called selfish by people you thought you could trust to be impartial. The world has gone crazy. The polarisation about a simple, bloody virus is obscene. But I know you know that. Hope you’re well and surviving.

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