Is USoS Nuland attempting to start another Maidan in Lebanon?

The Maidan’s Nuland, drawn in from the Trump era wasteland, scrubbed up and freshly painted (the mask, a ‘du jour’ accessory of course), is back in action. This time in Lebanon. I don’t see any free cookies yet, but I’m sure they will come.

“Lebanon’s Ministry of Interior: ‘Lebanese Forces started the shooting'” – The Cradle

“Hezbollah commander says far-right Lebanese Forces party tried to incite new civil war” – The Cradle

There is no doubt that the grimy fingers of US influence is stirring the pot in Lebanon. Perhaps even behind the earlier deadly port blast?

It begins to look like (I hold back from referring to her as ‘bitch’, in deference and respect to all women) USoS Nuland is attempting to fire up another Maidan style revolution in Lebanon as she did seven years ago in Ukraine. This latest shooting incident, snipers pre-positioned on rooftops, bears all the hallmarks of that.

Well, she may not be as successful this time. Ukraine had no Hezbollah to defend its interests, although Donbass citizens militias successfully made their own separatist statement. And there is no way that US forces or covert operators will be able to sneakily insert themselves there.

I claim no expertise on Lebanese affairs but it is fairly obvious what is going on there and I think it fair to say that Lebanese right wing Christian militia do not form much of an issue for the modern Hezbollah forces. The US can’t be serious about this intrusion, although they must be becoming desperate to open new markets for their substandard armaments and munitions.

This is one to keep an eye on, and no doubt one The Resistance forces will back to the hilt.

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