Is This A Joke?

“Diplomat rejects prospect of US stationing forces in Uzbekistan to ‘combat terrorism’” – TASS

“Uzbekistan’s Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov flatly rejected any possible stationing of American forces in the Central Asian country to combat terrorism in Afghanistan, on Thursday.”

Is this a joke? I mean the idea, the presumptive idea, the naïve idea, the ultimately stupid idea, that the US military should even dare to ask for permission to once again cast its murky shadow over Afghanistan under the pretext of ‘combat terrorism’? It has to be a joke, seriously. I can’t think of any nation in the world who might fall for that ploy …except perhaps the fools who are currently in charge of destroying Australia – it’s fascist government and senile bureaucracy. And the US has no means of overshadowing Afghanistan from there.

Fresh from being booted out of the country, they are desperate to get back in somehow. Even if it is just to drop bombs on it and pretend they are aiming at terrorists. Well, they just had 20 years to ‘combat terrorism’, and achieved exactly nothing – of a positive nature with regard to diminishing terrorism. They did, however, become quite expert in guarding fields of poppies – and, I expect, consuming enough of the product to convince themselves they had a happy and productive time there.

Luckily, Uzbekistan knows a thing or two about how the US works – well, who doesn’t these days? Oh… the dumbo Australians, I guess.

If you can take another joke and, if it is possible – an even bigger one – I understand Russia has turned down a request for US to share military bases in Central Asia? ‘Russia does not accept US military presence in Central Asia — senior diplomat’ – TASS. Sorry, if you get a pain in your side from laughing at that prospect. The gall of the US military stooges, or their government, knows no bounds. I’m not sure who in the US is leading the attempt to pull the Russian leg, although the name of USoS Nuland seems to crop up.

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