The Blue Meanies of Wokery

I may be in a bad mood this morning, as I decide not to report in full today’s Kunstler report, not that there is anything much wrong with it, it’s just that, well, it’s just kind of a whinge, and whinging just doesn’t cut it for me today.  Anyway, I’m providing the link and you are just as capable as I of clicking or touching on it. 

‘The Trials of Wokery’ – JH Kunstler

Maybe this is simply a reflection of where America is at just now.  The Blue Meanies of Beatles Yellow Submarine fame are in power (I never made that connection before) and are gleefully bombing and harrassing the shit out of the general population in a slow-death orgy of wokeness – and the sadistic flying glove of Cancel Culture.  Meanwhile there is no-one in a little yellow boat (they are still stuck in the Sea of Holes along with Nowhere Man) to come along and disperse the Meanies with a message of ‘All You Need is LOVE’, and flowers  …or something like that.

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