Biden Strengthens the US Army – by turning it into a freak show

Out of date weaponry, which results in one military base being defended by (supposedly) captured Russian Pantsir missiles from Libya, astonishingly expensive but continually underperforming F35 aircraft, and undercooked, ill-prepared soldiery, are just some of the current woes of the ‘mighty’ US armed forces. 

Newly minted, or rather recently dug up and freshly painted to loosely resemble a living person – President Joe ‘excessively touchy-feely’ Biden,  plans to turn this, ahem… ‘elite’ fighting force into a veritable freak show, freshly manicured and coiffured, shaving and leg-waxing optional.  But, of course, entirely ‘woke’.  The primary object apparently being – no, not combat readiness – but to reduce military sexual violence offences – and possibly, just between you and me, in a forlorn hope to keep the recruiting numbers up somewhere near expected levels (‘forlorn’ because the growing ingrained dumbness, health related and anti-social issues rampant within American youth, kind of work against that).  

Sounds more like a recipe for orgiastic galas and mardi-gras to me.  But then, it would undoubtedly win just as many wars as America’s best (notwithstanding Hollywood dramas) has ever done – zero.

‘Biden Strengthens the US Army’ – Vladimir Platov for New Eastern Outlook

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