Joe Biden – For Ever a ‘Veep’ – Never a Blushing ‘President’

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany – “We are moving forward here at the White House under the assumption that there will be a second Trump term…we think he won that election.” 

Peter Navarro, Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy in the Trump Administration said earlier that he’s operating on the assumption that there will be a second term for President Trump, adding that any “speculation” about what Joe Biden might do is moot at this point.

Personally, I’m with them. Well, not ‘with them‘ – I’m not a Trump supporter. Just agreeing that they are correct in their assumptions. And while there is, in all reality, not much to choose between the two options for president, the difference favouring Trump over Biden is a colossal and insurmountable bottomless crevasse in relative terms. Not that I care. I’m just a little interested in seeing just how the US fares over its imminent collapse into chaos.

While this is one of the shortest Zero Hedge posts I have ever seen, it is worth reading:
“Kayleigh McEnany Says Trump Expects To Serve Second Term”

I can’t wait to see all the red faces of those who have jumped the gun to salute ‘Pres’ Biden.

I also can’t wait to see the new headline – “Trump Wins 2020 Election In A Landslide” – when all the votes have been correctly apportioned.

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