Never Forget The Revolution

Obscured, unknown, or little understood truths about the October Revolution of 1917 which followed the downfall of the Russian Empire and led to the formation of the Soviet Union and the modernising of the Russian nation.

A newly invigorated and strengthened Soviet Russia became the first scientific and the second economic power in the world.  Fortunately for the world, the Soviet Union also elevated itself during the Second World War – known in Russian circles as the Great Patriotic War – into being beyond doubt the greatest military power in the world.  As such, the burden fell on the Soviets to be the major force of opposition to the rising threat of the Nazi regimes dominating Europe and in fact was solely responsible for the destruction of 75% of Nazi Germany’s military assets and the taking of their capital Berlin.

How has history treated the Soviet part in that victory which, more than any other action by any other nation, brought an end to that conflict and a degree of freedom for the world that would otherwise not have been forthcoming?  With lies, deceit, and betrayal.  And a besmirching of reputation and intent that continues even today, three decades after the Soviet Bloc outgrew its economic usefulness and the new Russian Federation emerged.  More than that, the Western powers now seek to alter the records of history to further denigrate and deny the Soviet part and to elevate their own weak efforts during that period of conflict.

Thank goodness there is still a Russia.  And, equally, that Russia, emerging from the economic ruins of that Rock in a Hard Place that was the Soviet Union, to become once again a major global power acting as a buffer and bulwark against the excesses of Western attempts to dominate on a global scale.

I felt compelled to say all that after watching this short, original footage, YouTube video titled – The October Revolution – which came to me courtesy of the VK page of Christopher Black.

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