There Comes A Time…

There comes a time when facts have to be faced.  And the time has come when we, in the world of man (that’s generic man), must face the facts. 

The world of man has now become so corrupt, so driven by power and the need to dominate and subjugate those who are not ‘us’ – that means everybody and everything else – to our way of thinking, our perceived needs and desires, our service – irrespective of what they may think or can do about it – that we, the world of man, no longer merit a continued existence on this world.  And maybe the time is shortly coming when we will be surprised to find that no further existence is possible for us on this world.

Ever since ‘man’ became a dominant species on this planet there has never been a time of peaceful coexistence between his tribes and the other lifeforms existing here.  While we were not dominant in numbers or had the tools to truly project our power and determination, and while that is no justification or excuse for who and how we are, the havoc we could wreak was not too significant a problem. Primarily because our actions could only effect our local surrounds.  Now, we have the numbers and the tools to become a bloody pest to every other living thing, including ourselves.  That cannot, and will not, stand. 

If we cannot sort that out amicably – and I have no reason to believe that we can – and we can learn to live with each other peaceably and show respect to the world we live in, subjugating – nay, eliminating – our need to domineer everything around us (again, I have no reason to believe that we can do that), our tenancy on this planet will be terminated.  Either through our own actions or because the immutable laws of physics and mathematics will prevail to get rid of us, as nature tends to do with errant genetic deviations which cause aberrations to the delicate balance of life.  And we, with all our power and tools and toys of domination, have no way of combating such forces as will be unleashed against us.

So, forget elections.  Forget wars.  Forget government corruption. Forget trying to get ahead and being better or better off than anyone else.  Particularly forget about any schemes to ‘reset’ or ‘green’ or ‘sustain’ our way of life – they are simply new ways of further enriching the already rich. The rich who are now intent on forming a global social machine, subject to their domination, which for as long as it continues to exist, will feed on the rest of humanity as its servants and the rest of the environment as its source of power.

Opt out of ‘society’ if you can or as much as you can, and while you can.  Relinquish all allegiances – national, political, occupational, and social (other than to those who may morally be dependent on your support); deal, in your own way, with any financial impediments you may have; and be your own person – beholden to no-one (other than your own dependants).  I can offer you no better advice.  At least none that will withstand the times that are coming.

You will become a revolutionary – in a revolutionary army of one – or you will become a number – a disposable number – a slave or pawn to the machine, for as long as the machine exists or while you are still thought to be of use to the machine.

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