Lottery For The Future

“The AngloZionists are launching a strategic PSYOP against China” – The Saker

This is really stating the obvious, isn’t it?  It’s what the West does – in good times and bad – and both cases, as the Saker explains, have meanings that are very easy to interpret.  In short, the West, from its nominal leader down, is in panic mode.  Running scared.  And that is where they are at their most dangerous.

Irrational, unpredictable, anything could happen.  But you will never see the pointing finger pointing backwards.  Self-blame is not in the West’s SOP manual.

But we all know, don’t we?  We’re not stupid, are we?  We can see through their games, can’t we?  We’ve read the playbook.  Don’t they know that?  Then who are they trying to kid?

But they also know we’ll just go along with it anyway, because that is the easy way?  It’s what we’ve always done, isn’t it?  Played the helpless victim?  Waiting for them to trip themselves up?  Waiting for the ‘system’ to crumble?  How many years have we been waiting?  The signs?  Oh, the signs are looking good.  Yes.  Perhaps better than ever before?  Yes, I’ll grant you that. But…

…on it goes.

One thing’s for sure.  Something will give.  Something will break.  Only, by inaction, by concerted inaction, laced with sporadic meaningless and fruitless minor actions (most of which are limited to complaints and reports of what is perfectly obvious to those who already think the same – and I am just as guilty of that as anyone), what breaks is unlikely to be what we would like to see broken – which by concerted action we could have possibly ensured had we not prevaricated and chosen the comfortable path.

So we may get something similar to what we wanted, by default.  And then again we may not.  Not, I think, that we have ever really thought deeply about what we really want, or how we might best go about making it happen – within the limits of our realistic capabilities and our limited enduring possibilities. Or even if that could have been successful.

And so we have put our money on a ‘Lucky Dip’ and together, blindfolded, we have chosen our future. 

We will have to ‘make do’ with what is inside the mystery parcel we picked.  It’s much too late for anything else now. And we need to exercise patience. We can unwrap only one layer a day at a time.

And just so you know, there are no ‘Golden Tickets’ in this lottery.

Cheer up!  It could be worse.  And it may well be beneficial.  For some.

And who doesn’t like winning a mystery prize? It’s kind of exciting, even if a bit sc-sc-sc-scary, isn’t it? And who knows if we would have liked what we would have built anyway if things had been different? Or if it would have been successful? Or if we personally would have gotten to be part of it?

There. Feeling better about the whole thing now?

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