Who Is Standing Up In This Time Of Crisis?

“Russia Sends COVID-19 Response Group To Rescue Italy As Chaos Spreads Across Europe” – Southbank

Notice that it is Russia, and also China as reported elsewhere, not the USA, nor any nation of the West, that is reaching out to the beleaguered Western nations in this time of virus inflicted crisis.

Western nations are not even helping each other, nor, it has to be said, are they coping with their own internal problems.  The much vaunted Western nations have neither the capacity nor the will to help anyone else or even to deal adequately with the problem posed by The Virus to themselves.  

Let’s not forget that.  If and when this all blows over, assuming it does before everything is lost, let us not forget that.

The nations standing tall today are the nations despised by the West. Russia and China.  And it is these nations who are best prepared to deal with the problems of tomorrow, as the West sinks slowly into a mire of its own creation.  Better not forget that either.   

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