The Virus

Hey!  Australian ABC News has stolen my name for The Virus, yes, ‘The Virus’, as the title of one of their news videos.  Not that I’m seriously complaining.

We should stop calling it coronavirus. Coronaviruses are going about all the time, for example some versions of the common cold.  This one is different.  It is one of a kind. It is novel.  But we also shouldn’t call it a ‘novel coronavirus’ – the dumb and dim among us will think (some already do) that it is the name of a fictional story.  Not ‘novel’ as in ‘storybook’, but ‘novel’ as in ‘new’.

So, as I have already stated elsewhere (not claiming that as an original call), it should be called ‘The Virus’.  This is the one – there doesn’t need to be any others (though there undoubtedly will be).  The Virus, note the capitals, will be the one that brings our current (perhaps we should now be calling it the ‘past’) way of life to its knees and could well see it disappear for ever.

So, get serious folks.  The Virus demands it.  

This video is now (as I write) a couple of days old, which is an eternity in viral terms, but it is indicative of the situation. ‘Viral’, another English word (actually Latin word purloined by the English – and others I expect) purloined by the millennial hoi-polloi for their own limited vocabulary. Millennials will, I suspect, now come to know its original meaning.

“The Virus: All the latest coronavirus updates in one place (ABC News)” – as of March 20, 2020 – I wonder if that date will hold any significance in the future?

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