Bring A Little Mirth To Your Day

This is not a time for mirth and joy. At least there is little of that to be found at the moment, but if you need a lighter moment among the seriousness of current affairs, please read on…

This is a story that highlights the very sad state of affairs in Ukraine, a situation I have been following since early 2014 and one that is about to end in total disaster for that nation that possibly should never have been granted separate nationhood but, through the vagaries of manipulation by regional authorities throughout history, has found itself in an unenviable position in the current century.

I will just allow the Saker to tell his story of current events, without comment. See link below.

What I do want to comment on though is the totally unrelated, well, possibly partially related, since it involves the US – a nation that I gain much delight in knocking down as often as possible and, I have to admit, this gave me oodles of mirth for quite a while last night and this morning – inclusion in the Saker’s story.  It concerns the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with its recent recommendation to Norwegian students currently out of the country, to return home.  See the image below – which The Saker found reason to include in his story.  I hope it amuses you as much as it does me.  Just can’t wipe the smile off my face.

The United States, perhaps the only remaining Third World country.  Why would anyone want to go there?  Caravans of Central Americans seeking entry to the US must be in a terrible plight indeed to have made such a decision.

“There is a ticking time bomb in the Ukraine” – The Saker

For historical reference, in case this blog survives and can be translated, this is the time in the early history of the planet known as Earth – at the time the third rock from the Sun – by the last of the mammalian hominid species – self-referenced as homo-sapiens-sapiens – that roamed the planet in those times, when ‘The Virus’, given the nondescript title of COVID-19 disrupted the world of modern-industrial-civilisation (their term, the fools) in the early 21st century of what they thought of as ‘the current era’ (as ridiculous as that sounds) and brought on the chaos that laid waste to the first (and only) global economy that unfortunate species was able to engineer at the peak of its short and less than salubrious reign as the dominant species, before they succumbed to the inevitable end of their numerous follies and disappeared from the planetary fauna for ever.

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