Free-fall Everything

While I have been warning of economic/financial collapse for many years now, I have to admit that non-one really knows – because we have never seen it – just how that will play out in real life.

We are now seeing something that has all the hallmarks of being the beginning of such a collapse on a global level, yet we are still no wiser as to what is going to happen over the next months and years.  Nor do we know the extent of the fallout from such an event.  We may though, live to see it enacted for real.

Of course there have been market collapses before, even the Great Depression of almost a hundred years ago, but those recessions, depressions and collapses heretofore experienced are mere blips when compared to the carnage of all kinds that I envisage soon to be upon us.  I may be said to have a wild imagination, and that may be true, but the things I, and others, can conceive as happening, lie entirely within  the bounds of possibility.  It is just that very few people are prepared to take the time to consider such things actually taking place.  A majority of humanity, I believe, are going to face what does emerge from a collapsed social order – the stage that automatically follows from or coexists with gross economic/financial collapse – with utter incredulity.  Frozen into inactivity by fear and ignorance, much of that majority are going to, one way or another, fall and be forgotten. 

The only way to survive this and live through to the calmer state that will mark the end of the old world and hopefully the beginning of a new, far less complex one, is through sheer luck or a level of readiness for and acceptance of whatever emerges throughout the entire unscripted process.

Good luck with that. 

This article does not offer any real hope of avoidance or passage in that regard.  I share it because it highlights the futility of current thinking in the face of it:
“The coronavirus’ economic fallout has its own momentum as RBA makes extraordinary intervention” – Australia ABC News

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