Escalation In Syria?

Well, it’s beginning to get a bit real and a bit nasty now in Syria’s Idlib – and I might just point out that it is Syria’s Idlib, no-one else’s.

Did those Turkish Ottoman Empire deluded bastards (I originally used much stronger language here but somehow managed to self-censor) really think they could get away with invading a sovereign nation without taking any sort of hit themselves? Well they have been thoroughly reminded today that their tenure is unwelcome with a devastating air strike on one of their convoys. Whether this was just Syrian aircraft involved in that strike or Russian aircraft also, is not yet clear, but the Turks have launched missile attacks on Syria’s central Hama, some northern towns and also at Latakia, in response. Whether the Russian military base at Latakia was targeted in that attack is also not yet clear. At the moment all is a bit foggy – like the image below.

This is a dangerous move and it was always on the cards. I don’t want to be alarmist but it is also on the cards that this will escalate further, possibly bringing in stronger Russian support and eventually even the US and its cowardly NATO partners may also claim that a red line has been crossed and intervene in some way themselves. Then it will be a free for all. Of course if Western air forces do get involved, they will most certainly be shot out of the sky, possibly before they get anywhere near Syrian territory. I think they already know that.

Those cowardly Israeli Zionist dogs have already attacked by helicopter some Syrian military bases from the Golan Heights area. They dare not overfly Syria these days. They wouldn’t be above sacrificing a helicopter or two to give some impetus to US warmongers to get involved.

All in all it is becoming a total mess. And not a mess of Syria’s making, or Russia’s making, or Iran’s making. This is all totally down to morally bankrupt Western nations led by the mindless and indescribably evil US with their puppet states and slimy slug hangers on, Turkey, Israel and the despicable Saudi regime.

But I am adamant that there should be no ceasefire, as called for by the UN. This is a war to either end the Western aggression in Syria and the wider Middle East, or to end the role of mankind on planet Earth. It must be played out to one of those conclusions. Either one. And I don’t much care which. 


Incidentally, it is ridiculous for news media to claim only 33 Turkish deaths. There were that many before the bitter fighting of the last week. The true figure must be somewhere up around the 100 mark after today’s events.

We know how the US always downplays its own casualties these days. We now know there were well over 100 casualties from the Iranian missile attack in Iraq (last month, I think), rising from ‘no casualties’ through ‘a few headaches’ to an official count of 109 at my last reading. If there were 109 casualties you can bet your boots that you wouldn’t be able to count the deaths using just your fingers and thumbs. Of course those deaths will be hidden by other ‘accidents’.

I just want to add a personal comment.

Things didn’t need to end up like this – whatever this turns out to be. Syria never asked for or deserved to be put in this position. By some counts over half a million people have died so far in this conflict – the vast majority of them innocents.

What kind of world are we building, that can tolerate never-ending war around the globe? War that never touches the true perpetrators – or has not, so far. But it will, if it comes to the final solution being played out. It will touch us all.

I am certain that the vast majority of humanity do not want that to happen. And yet we sit in our homes, mostly oblivious as to what is going on in our world. Generally that is because our world, that which we conceive as being our world, the sphere of our personal interactions with others, the limits of our normal day-to-day thinking, is so curtailed in its size, shrivelled in its exclusiveness and blind to all else that exists outside of it (and that may not be our fault exclusively but due to …well, a great many things – too many to list here, but all of them induced or impressed upon us externally), that we are afraid to step outside of that limited vision to see for ourselves what actually matters in the real world going on all around us …and how we are being manipulated to ignore all those truly important things.

We live in a prison. The prison of our own minds. And it is a prison with no parole.

We might as well be dead. And we soon may well be that.

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