Swings Still Swinging – Roundabouts Still Revolving

The swings and roundabouts I last spoke of in Syria’s Idlib are still ongoing, and while everything is not yet clear it seems that the Syrians have given up some ground around, or perhaps even in, the recently liberated Saraqib area to the terrorists directly assisted by Turkey.  Although there are reports that Syria’s elite Tiger Forces have now arrived on the scene to restore order. 

In a seemingly strange move, the Syrians have allowed this to happen – drawing in most of the Turkish and terrorist forces to the area – while the Syrians moved most of their attacking units further south. Strange but apparently working out to the Syrian’s advantage.  The map image below was issued on Wednesday 26 Feb and shows (red arrows) areas the Syrian army had liberated up to that point.  I can now declare that the whole of the green area on this map has now turned from green to government red, vastly shortening the front line that government troops need to hold.  I suspect they, having now released reinforcements to retake the Saraqib area, will continue north to liberate most of the important M4 highway, effectively ending any possibility for terrorists to continue operating in this area.  So, maybe there was method in the Syrian madness. 

This is, incidentally, a do or die thing.   Vicious, no-holds-barred warfare with no prisoners taken.  All terrorists must die – which is their wish anyway.  I am pleased to see this being carried out. As reported in the linked article, a senior terrorist leader has been ‘eliminated’ in his hometown area. The word used for his demise is I expect pointedly chosen.   


And I see that the Chief Poobah of La-La-Land, a certain or perhaps uncertain Mr Mike Pompeo, has been waffling along, hardly able to read his teleprompter, spluttering his lying words into the microphone, unable to look anyone in the eye as he speaks of children, declaring a no possibility of Syrian victory in Idlib situation. Well, watch this space Mr Poobah.


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