The Year of Humpty Dumpty

“This year was marked by global unrest — and 2020 is likely to be worse” ABC News Analysis

Well, I have been saying that, perhaps in fewer words and less detail, all this year and in previous recent years.  2020 is not going to be a happy year, for anybody much.  I don’t even feel that I need to sell that idea very much now.  It is becoming perfectly obvious and even the media is picking up on it.

I made a practice several years ago, at the end of each year, of giving a name to the following year. The last one was, if I remember correctly, 2016 – ‘the year we enter a new dark age’. We haven’t come out of that yet so I haven’t bothered naming years since then and in any case nothing came to mind. But this year I have a name for 2020 – The Year of Humpty Dumpty. The next paragraph explains.

I will say that my expectation of the next year is several shades more gloomy that portrayed in this ABC analysis.  It is my full expectation that next year we will begin to see things that are already stretched to the limit start to irretrievably break down.  Irretrievably, because when such things as globalisation, climate disruption, national cohesion, financial bubbles, environmental/biospheric stability, and economic inequality, start to collapse, explode, erupt, or simply cease to work any longer, those things will never recover – in a world where mankind has pushed the boundaries as far as they will go, they never can recover (except for the environment of course) – because the forces that created them will no longer exist or be entirely inaccessible. It will be ‘ 2020 – The Year of Humpty Dumpty’ – the year of falling off walls – the year of broken shells – the year when ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, cannot put Humpty together again‘.

When, at the end of 2020, if we are still here, and we look back at the world of today and the recent past, and if we can still picture what we have today, we will be astonished at how far we have fallen and what little remains of our former lives.  I am convinced of that.

OK, it may take longer than one year, it may take a decade, or longer, but once things start to move, the slide will be unstoppable and it may well be that at the end of just one year there are not too many proverbial rocks still rolling.

Remember this when someone wishes you a happy new year in a little while, and stand for a moment and look at all the irrepressible fools still partying on unaware of what is shortly about to happen to their personal world.

But you will be ready, won’t you? The best of luck. And may the fates be on your side.

None of us will be unscathed and I dare say that many of the world’s super rich will get their comeuppance because they are mostly only rich in pixels on a screen which, just like their wealth, can vanish in a moment. And ‘things’ (solid touchable objects) to which today are attached great value, in a world brought back to the realities of bare existence will be virtually worthless.  It is going to be a great leveller.

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