Horowitz Toothless. Now Waiting On Durham & Barr’s Bigger Bite.

“The War of the Narratives” – Kunstler

And so the Horowitz report has come and gone, passing by as a toothless and mostly harmless piece of work, but which does at least condemn as negligently incompetent, if not criminally so, an FBI organisation that has forever tainted at least its recent history.  There is nothing there from the author of the report and indeed he is not in a position to construct any legal proceedings arising from his findings.

Not so with the upcoming (not sure when) work of the John Durham investigation, backed by the Attorney General William Barr.  Criminal proceedings have already begun from that unfinished and much broader inquiry.

The unknown timing of the Durham work may be what has urged the Democrats to begin their unwise and very weak impeachment process this week.  It is to be noted that they have dropped any mention of collusion with Russia over 2016, a matter now totally debunked.  Donald Trump has nothing to fear from this but the Dems will suffer many years of regret for pursuing this path – if they even survive what is lining up for them over the next 12 months. 

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