Normandy Four (Minsk) Coffin Lid Now Screwed Down

Three days ago I reported the DPR’s response to the Kiev government’s Donbass genocide plan – End of The Normandy Format? – mentioning that the LPR had yet to comment.

Well the LPR has now commented through this – “Statement by LPR People’s Council”

While various heads of state forming the Normandy Four continue to plan for the continuance of discussions around the Minsk agreements, back in the real world the people of Donbass have made it clear that their relegation to second class citizens of a fascist Ukraine, their deportation to other areas, and persecution as “terrorists, separatists or subhumans who have to be exterminated or deprived of the opportunity to lead a decent and free life on their land,” is not something to which they have any intention to being subjected.

All of this makes Minsk based discussions something of a farce and yet another example of the US involving itself (they are still rendering military assistance to Kiev forces (Ukrainian troops in “JFO” zone getting demolition training from US instructors) on top of their already disreputable involvement in bringing about the political coup in Ukraine 5 years ago) in issues of outrageous inhumanity to achieve their own pernicious goals.

There will be no Minsk settlement of the Donbass situation.  That is out of the question – both for Kiev and the breakaway DPR/LPR republics.  A Minsk settlement would deny both sides from seeking their own individual determinants. 

So why continue the pretence?  I know why of course. I outlined it in my earlier post.  It is to do with appearances and, to some extent, the diminishing of openings for opportunist advantage-taking through false accusations and ‘fake news’. Which will take place anyway, no matter what.

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