…and one more thing…

I just want to highlight one other thing from the Syrian media interview with President al-Assad – and it is very important.

Here is the SANA link to the full transcript again, for reference: https://sana.sy/en/?p=177331

After making very clear the position of the Syrian government regarding the setting up of the constitutional committee on Syria in Geneva, its proceedings and any decision or proposed action resulting from it, by affirming that “We have not made any concession on fundamental issues,”  the President goes on to make this very important distinction which, incidentally I find very reassuring and heart-warming:

Journalist: Pedersen (UN Special Envoy for Syria) talked about meetings of the constitutional committee in Geneva saying that it would open the door to reaching a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis, and in his view, that solution includes holding parliamentary and presidential elections under the supervision of the United Nations and in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254. He also talked about ensuring the participation of Syrian expatriates. Would you accept international supervision on parliamentary and presidential elections? And is this issue within the preview of this committee? And who has the right to vote, practically?

President Assad: For him to say that this committee prepares the ground for a comprehensive solution, this is not true. It provides part of the solution, maybe.  But by saying this he ignores the presence of the terrorists. A constitutional committee while the terrorists are still there will solve the problem – how? This is impossible; it is rejected. The solution starts by striking at terrorism in Syria. It starts by stopping external interference in Syria. Any Syrian-Syrian dialogue complements, contributes and plays a certain role, but it does not replace the first and second elements. I am saying this in order not to leave part of the statement as if we have agreed to it. 

If he believes that Resolution 2254 gives the authority to any party, international or otherwise, to supervise the elections, this means that they are returning to the era of the mandate. I would like to recall that the first part of the resolution refers to Syria’s sovereignty, which is expressed by the Syrian state alone and no one else. The elections that will be held will be under the supervision of the Syrian state from A to Z. If we want to invite any other party – an international body, certain states, organizations, societies, individuals or personalities, it will still be under the supervision of the Syrian state and under the sovereignty of the Syrian state. The constitutional committee has nothing to do with the elections it is only tasked with the constitution. If they believe that they will return to the days of the mandate, then that would only be in their dreams.”

This man knows exactly what he is doing.  His enemies – all of them – are dull-witted and clueless in comparison.

There is much more but I can’t share it all here.  This constitutional committee is just a tool, the final tool, for the UN and the West to attempt to influence Syria.  It will fail. It will fail simply because its corrupt purpose is known.  No-one is being fooled here.  At least certainly not the Syrian government nor its president.  The Syrian government, you see, is not actually a party to the talk-fest.  The government’s viewpoint is represented there (identified as the ‘first party’ – the ‘second party’ being the elements of the terrorist opposition themselves), but not the actual government itself.  Therefore rendering any decisions made by the committee in no way binding on Syria.

“…the first party represents the viewpoint of the Syrian government, however the Syrian government is not part of these negotiations nor of these discussions” – President al-Assad.

The President also went on to say:

“There will be an attempt to direct the work of the committee in a certain direction. This is for sure, and we are fully aware of this and won’t allow it. That is why everything announced outside the committee has no value; it is absolute zero, as simple as that.”

So, in essence, all the work of this constitutional committee in Geneva is simply a waste of time and effort, a show-piece if you like, for appearances sake.  Syria is operating politically under the auspices of the Sochi agreements.

“There is no Geneva” – President al-Assad. 

Well, actually there is a Geneva. I think I have been there on one of those whirlwind bus tours of Europe back in the ’80s. But it is not ‘that’ Geneva which is in the thoughts of the good President and also a good many other folk around the world at the moment. It is the concept of ‘Geneva’ as one of the many aliases of that pseudo-legally-authorised entity of the West, wrapped in a UN cloak to cover its gross injustices, which is often used to screw other entities that are not to the West’s liking or which refuse to bow the knee to their unwanted advances.

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