Is Erdogan Becoming Foolishly Headstrong?

“Erdogan says will discuss Syrian forces’ presence in north Syria with Putin in Sochi”

What does this mean?  Well, it could mean nothing much at all but on the basis of this TASS report it could also mean that Turkey, already heady with the success of its coup over US presence in northern Syria, is now threatening Russia that if Turkey does not get its own way, unobstructed in that region, it will take matters into its own hands and overrun any opposing forces whoever they are.

Could Erdogan be so stupid?  Perhaps.  And perhaps he will find out what it means to face a doubly battle-hardened and united opposition in both the Kurdish and SAA forces.  So far he has chosen the easiest targets in his push across the Syrian border, mainly using his rebel Syrian terrorist hordes backed by his air force, to very limited success. One might even say that his attack has stalled. Syrian air defences and air assets have not yet been brought into play.  Neither have any Russian forces, though just where they would sit in such a situation is hard to say, but most likely on the sidelines. Even though they are currently playing an important policing role.

That interpretation of the situation would in fact be a whole new ball game.  Syrian ground forces have been honed over a good many years of fighting now, and together with the strong though less heavily equipped Kurds, would form a difficult nut to crack for largely inexperienced Turkish forces, and with quite predictable results.  Is that a gamble Turkey is willing to take?  Or is that interpretation not born out from what has been said?  We may know by Tuesday, following the Putin/Erdogan meeting in Sochi.  I will be looking for a strong stance from Russia at that event.

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