A Fatal Preoccupation

“The Fatal Loop of Recursivity”

Server Farming: The preoccupation of a whole generation, divorced from reality, led by the “reconstructed ‘truth'” countered by “detecting its gross falsifications”, all emanating from and stuck in a seemingly endless loop of, navel gazing – other folks’s navels of course – fed by a seamless stream of farmed (recorded and stored) data product which requires sorting and porting, slicing and dicing, gurgitation and regurgitation, sowing, harvesting, winnowing, deconstruction, deep cleansing, reconstitution and reconstruction. And all for the sole purpose of… what?

Hint: Maintaining ‘Groundhog Day’.

But the preoccupying process is not actually endless of course.  Because even as it is ongoing, reality continues to keep on flowing by. Unrecognised. Unseen. Ignored. Until the fatal day when…

…according to the Gospel of St Jim –

“So, the final act in the collapse of the USA will be the government choking itself to death on replayed narratives from its own server farms. In the meantime, events are actually tending in a direction that will eventually deprive the nation of the means to continue most of its accustomed activities including credible elections, food distribution, a reliable electric grid, and perhaps even self-defense.”

And as I always or at least intentionally tend to say on these occasions, this is not just applicable to America/USA but the whole world, or at least the Westward end of it.

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