What Has The US To Hide?

“US mulls withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty, lawmaker says”

See also:

“US administration to announce withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty soon — media”

If this story eventuates, apart from following the long train of US withdrawals from everything and anything in recent times, it will undoubtedly mean that they are doing something rather sneaky. At least as sneaky or sneakier than their usual sneakiness.  How sneaky is that? And are they able to retreat behind walls that are high enough to hide all that sneakiness?

Perhaps they just don’t want the world to be able to see the disastrous state of their crumbling infrastructure and economy, nor their up and coming intra-national, perhaps intra-state, civil wars. We will be able to tell all that will be going on though by the streams of migrants seeking to escape the mayhem. No nation will be able to hide that – and it will be happening everywhere.

Back to the subject – if you are not sure what the Open Skies Treaty, which is ratified by at least 30 nations and has been operating since 1992, is all about, read the first article first. 

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