No More Bare Chested Horse Riding?

I offer this shared article today with a minimum of comment.  Well, that is the intention, and it is principally because I do not at this moment have a clear mind on the full import of the situation.

I too noticed the tiredness in the face and eyes of the Russian president in the photos of his recent birthday break, commenting “The man needs a day (or two) off,” but just what that means was something I chose not to consider.  The possibilities being too dark, too alarming, too terrifying, having long held the position that Vladimir Putin is the only living person who could possibly save Russia and the wider world from its self-imposed destruction.  And while I have previously shared my fear as to what might follow when he retires from the task he accepted for himself during Russia’s darkest days, to have that notion shattered perhaps 4 or 5 years before it was scheduled to come about is not something I was prepared to consider.

All that has changed with the release of this article by Phil Butler:  “Be Very Afraid of a Broken Vladimir Putin”

I may say more on this, and probably will, once I have got my head around the situation.  But for now, just please read and digest what Phil Butler says so effectively, and which I must admit echoes so distressingly deep within me.

We are doomed.  We always were.  But it wasn’t supposed to happen just yet.

And yet I must add that even as I write this, the end of the Western way of life becomes ever more visible.  And the evils of Western imperialism appear to be in retreat along with that.  Has Vladimir’s burden finally drained him of his strength and his zeal and zest for the struggle been delayed just long enough to ensure the world outlives the West’s total demise?  That would be something worthwhile to live on in human memory.  The alternative is utterly unthinkable.

Please, please, I beg you, read the article.

One thought on “No More Bare Chested Horse Riding?

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  1. I’m only just starting to catch up with all your blog posts that I didn’t know were happening. So I did what you said and read the article. I admire Putin as much as you do, although I probably wouldn’t trust him very far, but I think he’s the only world leader who has the intelligence to see where it’s all going. He certainly looks world-weary in the photographs, but the camera can only catch brief facial images, which may not represent the underlying emotions.

    Siberia burning out of control must worry him. He’s pretty good with the political stuff and can knock the socks off any other world leader with comments which bring them down to the level of idiots (not hard to do), but climate change is something he can’t control. The next few years will be interesting.

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