The Washington Follies

Everything, literally everything, that goes on in Washington these days is just another riotously hilarious scene from the theatrical farce titled:

“Do You Have a Lisance for that Minky?” by the honorable J H Kunstler.

All centred around a cast of miscreants represented by:

  • The Date-raped House Speaker
  • The Arch-Schlemiel
  • The Whistleblower
  • The phone-transcript
  • Some schwantz CIA section leader
  • Uncle Joe
  • The Herbert Marcuse playbook
  • A claque of senior bureaucrats scrambling to cover each other’s ass
  • A feculent blob?
  • Another claque of lesser monsters
  • The Ex-President
  • and finally, playing, so far, as silent extras, Hades and Thanatos

A door prize may be awarded to the first person who can correctly put a valid name against every one of the cast members. (offer ends 2019/10/05-21:10:00 AEST)

What a Carry On!  Not to be missed.

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