Is There A Functional Human Brain In The House?

“Second whistleblower may file complaint about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine: New York Times”

As any functional human brain would instantly recognise, that beginning a supposedly serious media article with an obviously and probably malfeasantly chosen lie, is not going to attract any serious attention to what may follow in the article.

For example, this: “President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry continues to grow…”

What impeachment enquiry?  As I said yesterday, there is no impeachment inquiry, only a theatrical stunt conducted in the media.  Nothing serious about that.

What Raw Story is attempting to drop on you with this beginning to this article, presumably with serious face, is that having failed to draw the desired response (but heaps of ridicule) from their first choice of a compromised CIA agent whistleblower, the Democrat clown troupe has hit on the idea of producing yet another one (whistleblower, that is), this time not admitting to being CIA.

As any functional human brain would also instantly recognise, the doubling down of any stupid act with yet another equally obvious stupid act is not going to generate any kind of desired response (but certainly heaps more ridicule).

Are these Dems really so dumb, or blinded by their own self-reflected brilliance, that they cannot see that? 

Little wonder America is on the verge of implosion.

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