Thoroughly Nasty Bastards, etc., etc.

“US disrupts operation to evacuate refugees from Rukban camp, says Russian-Syrian statement”

How to describe Americans?  ‘Thoroughly nasty bastards’ goes some way towards that but it is not really adequate without the inclusion of words and phrases like ‘inhuman’, ‘rotten to the core’, ‘despicable turds’, and many others which so as not to get too worked up about it I had better end the sentence right there.

As well as harbouring terrorists and criminal gangs around their illegal bases on Syrian soil, and re-employing them for further duties elsewhere, giving themselves some sort of reason – barren of all logic – for remaining in that country, they are actively preventing Syrian refugees from returning to their homes.

Of course a paralysed UN sits on its thumbs and does nothing about this travesty of justice.

I rely on the principle of karma to ensure that they will one day get their just desserts.  And that day is not too far away I think.  Many of them will find themselves as refugees, fleeing from one event or another.  I doubt there are many places that would accept them as such.

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