What Lies Beneath…

“Alleged Novichok victim Rowley seeks to sue Russia for $1.25 mln”

Very interesting.  I wonder if this man actually has long to live.  Whether or not, he is putting himself in great danger by pressing this case.

Both Britain and Russia would be, by implication, on trial here.  One side or the other, and I am absolutely certain it is not Russia, has much to lose – in terms of face, reputation and international trust.  One of them, and I am absolutely certain it is not Russia, has been lying through their teeth, multiple times, on every aspect of the events surrounding this case.

Mr Rowley, whether he knows it or not, could well find himself suddenly dead or disappeared.  In that event, Russia would be blamed but it would be MI6 who did the deed.

Not since the day that the Skripals (you remember the Skripals?) were allegedly poisoned has a shred of evidence been released by the British that would indicate what actually happened let alone that Russia or even any individual Russian had anything to do with causing it.  It is all hearsay.  And even though Russia raised many questions to the British authorities to try to clear the mystery around those events, the British have been entirely unresponsive to those questions.

It’s a dirty business and if this case goes ahead it will get nowhere unless the veil of secrecy is lifted.  I can’t see that happening.  Britain has far too much to lose to allow the light of day to shine on their murky undercurrents.

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