NW Syria – A Tragedy Of Conflict And Heritage

I think this report from SouthFront is actually the best, most factual and most truthful account of the situation and recent events of conflict in north western Syria – the Idlib region.  To the best of my knowledge their is not a single statement made in this YouTube video that I would wish to contradict or deny.

It is eleven minutes that may just alter your view (assuming you are not already aware of these things) of what is going on in that war ravaged part of the world.  South Front is to be thanked and congratulated for this achievement.

It gives the lie to statements, warnings and threats made by western nations, and the crocodile tears they purport to shed over the plight of poor civilians thought to be living there  and supposedly suffering from attacks by Russian and Syrian armed forces.  This area is a nest of terrorism.  Nothing else.  And it must be cleared – whatever that takes to achieve.  There are no longer any innocents there.  There are no longer any hospitals there.  Only dead beat terrorists and their families. 

There are of course things much more precious than the lives of up to 60,000 worthless terrorists and their hangers-on there in north west Syria.  The region is a jewel box of ancient sites of immense archaeological interest that go back thousands of years to beyond the beginnings of modern man and, as such, the area is of great value and heritage to all of us.  So the place can not be bombed back to the stone age as the Americans did to ar-Raqqa on the Euphrates.  That would be yet another tragedy. 

Read here this report from an exiled archaeologist:
“I’m one of hundreds of archaeologists exiled from Syria who’s mourning what the war is costing us”

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