The Trump Brexit

Here is a statement that has made my day.  Actually it is only thirty minutes after midnight so there is ample opportunity for my day to be made again.

“Pence (Mike Pence – US Vice President), a man who stands as living proof that human evolution is not wedded to an ever upwards path…”

Yes, I know it needs context, well actually it doesn’t, standing quite well all by itself.  The context is in the article below, which explains the US plans to make the United Kingdom, such as it is these days, into the 51st State of the Union.  Which is all a bit ripe, if only because that uneasy ‘union’ is itself about to disintegrate into a state – or groups of states – warring against itself as it collapses in a sea of unpayable debt.

Our times, the 21st Century, is so full of great stories.  And there are plenty more left to be revealed as time goes by. 

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